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Our values

❄️ We believe in the power of skiing and the beauty of winter.

❄️ We believe that everybody belongs on skis.

❄️ We believe that skiing should be affordable and centered around family, friends and fun. 

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Our history

2018 ❄️  The Walsh family purchases Cross Country Connection in historic downtown Laramie, Wyoming, and rebrands it to Laramie's Basecamp.

2019 ❄️  Basecamp begins to rent and sell downhill and AT ski equipment.

2020 ❄️ Basecamp hits a record with over 500 seasonal ski rental packages serving the Laramie, Cheyenne, and Fort Collins communities. 

2021 ❄️ Basecamp purchases a stonegrinder and expands ski tuning services. 

2022 ❄️ While deep in breast cancer treatment, Rebecca and the Walsh family decide to sell Basecamp in downtown Laramie and open Lone Moose Ski Shop, niching down on what they really love, skiing.

Fall 2022 ❄️ Lone Moose Ski Shop opens for business as a full-service ski shop specializing in equipment rentals, ski tuning services, and retail ski equipment sales. Lone Moose looks forward to operating as a seasonal ski shop. 





Our team

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The Walsh Family

Skiers. Small business owners. 

"Exactly one day in your life your kid will ski as good as you do. The next day, he’ll ski better than you."

~ Warren Miller.



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We have a place for your picture.

We're hiring seasonal ski technicians and rental center clerks for weekend + holiday shifts. We offer competitive pay, on-the-job training, end-of-season bonuses, and discounts on ski equipment.  No ski shop experience is necessary but a good attitude is essential. Click here to apply.