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Show your Skis + Snowboards Some Mega Big ❤️ 

Let our trained ski technicians do the work for you. If you're looking to get a jump start on the season before our shop is fully open on November 18th we're happy to take care of you. Just book a drop-off appointment by clicking below 👇🏽


Services Offered At Our Shop

Our ski technicians are trained, experienced, and ready to make your skis and snowboards healthy, happy, and fast. We promise speedy turn-around times with the quality you'd expect from a professional. We won't send any completed order out our door unless it's safe, tested, and something we'd ski or board on ourselves. 

  • Binding Adjustment

    We care about your safety. Downhill binding adjustments and safety tests are always FREE at Lone Moose Ski Shop (even if you didn't buy your equipment from us). 

  • Ski + Board Waxing

    We care about your equipment so we wax your skis by hand, not with a machine that does a poor and inefficient job. This service includes a full hot scrape to clean your bases followed by the wax of the day, a brush, and a polish. 

    ⛷ Nordic Wax: $25.00

    ⛷ Downhill/AT Wax: $35.00

    ⛷ Snowboard: $40.00

  • Binding Mounting

    We are a certified Look/Rossignol ski shop and offer binding mounting on most downhill and AT skis. All binding mounts come with a safety test and a big high five. We do require a signed waiver before we mount any bindings and an inspection with one of our ski techs before we start the job.

    🪛 Mount with Rail Bindings: $10.00

    🪛 Cross-Country Mount: $30.00

    🪛 Downhill Mount: $65.00

    🪛 AT Mount: $80.00

  • Base Repair + Stonegrinding

    ✅Rusty edges?
    ✅Convex or concave bases?
    ✅ Coreshots
    ✅Rock shots 🪨

    We’ve got your back with some base repair, a base grind to flatten your ski or board, and then a stone grind with the perfect pattern for you.

    ⇢Base Repair Starts at $15.00

    ⇢Cross-Country Base + Stonegrind: $50.00

    ⇢Downhill/AT Base + Stonegrind: $65.00

    ⇢Snowboard Base + Stonegrind: $75.00

  • Custom Head Molding

    New ski or snowboard boots? Or maybe you have old ski boots that don't fit quite right? Or maybe you found a killer deal on a pair of used ski boots that you want molded to fit your foot? We've got you. Call us to get on our heat molding schedule (307) 703-0358 and then hang out with us for 30 minutes while we fit your boot to your foot!

    ✩ Custom Boot Molding : $25.00

  • Race Services

    ❄️ Nordic Rax Wax: $45.00

    ❄️ Nordic Kick Zone Testing: $25.00

    ❄️ Ski Pole Cutting/Basket Change: $10.00

    🐕 Dogsled Runner Wax: $25.00