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Our ski techs are working all summer long to maintain our rental fleet. If you'd like some off-season ski/snowboard tuning please schedule an appointment below. 
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Protect your investment.

Let our trained, certified and professional ski technicians do the work for you. 


Services Offered At Our Shop

Our ski technicians are trained, experienced, and ready to make your skis and snowboards healthy, happy, and fast. We promise speedy turn-around times with the quality you'd expect from a professional. We won't send any completed order out our door unless it's safe, tested, and something we'd ski or board on ourselves. 

  • Binding Safety Check

    We care about your safety. Downhill binding safety checks and adjustments are always FREE at Lone Moose Ski Shop (even if you didn't buy your equipment from us). 

  • Ski + Board Waxing

    We care about your equipment so we wax your skis by hand, not with a machine that does a poor and inefficient job. This service includes a full hot scrape to clean your bases followed by the wax of the day, a brush, and a polish. 

    ⛷ Nordic Wax: $25.00

    ⛷ Downhill/AT Wax + Edge: $35.00

    ⛷ Snowboard: $35.00

  • Binding Mounting

    We are not offering downhill/AT binding mounts at this time, we're in the process of training a new team and not quite ready to mount skis for guests. Thanks for understanding - we recommend Westgate Ski for your binding mounting needs. We are still happy to mount downhill bindings with rails and nordic mounts.  

    🪛 Mount with Rail Bindings: $10.00

    🪛 Cross-Country Mount: $30.00

  • Wooden Ski Services

    🪵 Sanding and pine tar application: $45.00

  • Base Repair + Stonegrinding

    ✅Rusty edges?
    ✅Convex or concave bases?
    ✅ Coreshots
    ✅Rock shots 🪨

    We’ve got your back with some base repair, a base grind to flatten your ski or board, and then a stone grind with the perfect pattern for you. We always finish off with wax of the day, a brush and polish so you're skis and boards are ready to roll!

    ⇢Base Repair Starts at $15.00

    ⇢Cross-Country Base Repair + Stonegrind: $50.00

    ⇢Downhill/AT Base Repair + Stonegrind: $65.00

    ⇢Snowboard Base Repair + Stonegrind: $65.00

  • Custom Head Molding

    New ski or snowboard boots? Or maybe you have old ski boots that don't fit quite right? Or maybe you found a killer deal on a pair of used ski boots that you want molded to fit your foot? We've got you. Call us to get on our heat molding schedule (307) 703-0358 and then hang out with us for 30 minutes while we fit your boot to your foot!

    ✩ Custom Boot Molding : $25.00

  • Race Services

    ❄️ Nordic Rax Wax: $45.00

    ❄️ Nordic Kick Zone Testing: $25.00

    ❄️ Ski Pole Cutting/Basket Change: $10.00

    🐕 Dogsled Runner Wax: $25.00